Fitness for gamers

Fitness for gamers

Sounds counter intuitive right? We are gamers, why should we do fitness anyway? As you may know working out has many benefits, including a better body well beeing, less risk of getting sick, but it also can have a positive side effect on your next games.


As stated on ispo many esport teams nowadays require their players to do basic fitness, also including a proper nutrition etc. The reason for that is not that surprising: fitness can enhance the performance for your upcoming games. If you workout regularly you can strengthen your focus, and resolve negative side effects that comes from excessive gaming.


Maybe you are a hardcore gamer or a regular gamer and you noticed these effects sometimes:

  • Backpain
  • Headaches after long time of gaming
  • Tendinitis
  • Lack of focus
  • Pain in the shoulder region

According to the WHO everyone should do at least 150 minutes of fitness each week. That this is not true for most gamers is not a surprise. But even doing 60 minutes a week will have a positive side effect, that you will recognize on the next time you want to do a competitive gaming session.


How we developed a plan for our esport team

As some of you know, we have been a semi-professional esport team and also wanted to take things really competitive. We did many team meetings, where we discussed our problems and issues, that not only involved the gaming part. We recognized that there was a pattern. All of us did not workout and had backpain issues some of us even had tendinitis. Also we recognized, that after some games our focus began to fall down.


As a solution we began to talk to experts. We developed a super noob friendly guide for our team, so we can do fitness while gaming. We started to do home workouts and to care about our nutrition. After some weeks we began to recognize the benefits and as a ritual we began to do a short workout after each game we won.


After we decided we were to old for esports we decided to share you our workout plan we developed. The workout plan was especially designed for gamers, that have no prior experience in doing workouts. The exercises are very basic and you will surely recognize a positive change not only on your body ;)


If you are interested you can buy our workout plan for only 9$ at!



Simon Currey

Simon is the leading expert when it comes to fitness in esports. He coached several esport teams in the area of healthy nutrition and fitness


Super easy for gamer made training plan.

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