Home workouts only designed for gamers. No equipment and prior experience needed. Improve your focus ingame, get rid of back pain and many more!


We made a totally equipment-free plan together with our experts. The plan is newbie friendly and everything is explained for noobs.

Get in shape without leaving your house

If you are a serious gamer none of this will be surprising to you. It takes a lot of energy to stay locked in for hours at a time. Decisions need to be made about where to go and what strategy is best, and it can be taxing on your brain.


If you are looking to level up your game you need to get in better shape. When you exercise regularly, your body becomes more capable of efficiently and effectively using its resources. This allows you to feel more energetic, even late into the night.

Trust us getting fit is easier said than done ...

But we have made it totally possible to burn fat and

build muscle without neglecting the time you spend in front of the screen.

Take the quick survey below to get access to an actionable plan tailored to your unique gaming

lifestyle, experience, and life situation. Don’t try to navigate your fitness journey alone, take our

advice and stick to one of our plans to help you be successful.



Follow these 3 easy steps to get started:

1. fill out the survey

2. follow the step-by-step plan intended for outdoor, home, or gym workouts

3. Start to notice your transformation


  • Super easy noob-friendly guide
  • Get in shape without leaving your house
  • Get rid of backpain and headaches
  • No equipment and prior experience needed


  • Although we are focusing on gamers, we can definetly get you results with our plans and exercises. If you are someone who is e.g. working in front of an pc, these exercises can help you prevent back pain and other health issues that come from sitting too long.
  • Although we have workout plans, that are targeted to people who want to buy equipment, you can totally start without equipment and still get results ;)
  • We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, if you didnt like our product or service we provided.
  • After your checkout you can instantly start with your first work out routine!
  • Don't worry we made the exercises so easy that a 6 year old could understand these. Our goal is to give you very easy exercises that are also highly effective.
  • That's right and we totally understand this. We are also gamers and love playing videogames! The reason why you should consider doing workouts is that is preventing many negative things, that come from gaming and are preventing you to game to your best level. Some examples are: back pain, tenditis, lack of focus, headaches and the list goes on and on. If you are interested in this topic, you can checkout our blog!

Not sure yet? Look at people that bought our course!

just started this course, it was easy and fun to execute, i lost now 3pounds in total! Totally worth the money!
Just wow, just bought the basic training-plan and started to workout. You will recognize pretty quick, that they specialized on gamers. I had a little back pain and resolved this using this course!

You decide basic guide


  • Gives you more concentration in the next games
  • Can help you to resolve backpain
  • Can help you get in shape
  • Gives you a guide to stay fit without leaving your house

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  • Gives you a pizza
  • Gets you fat
  • You will be tired afterwards
  • Enhances the risk of getting diabetes and heart disease

Home Workout Edition