Why you should do fitness as a gamer

Why you should do fitness as a gamer

Athletes undergo extensive training. Particularly in this time, when consoles and PCs are used more and more at home, adequate fitness for ambitious gamers is crucial for optimal performance. Exercises and methods that enable eSports professionals to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve in-game performance are critical for eSports professionals to remain fit and healthy.


Perception of world about physical fitness for gamers  

The importance of a balanced diet and regular exercise cannot be overstated. There is no doubt about it. Nevertheless, many people overlook the fact that fitness is also an essential success factor for gamers and eSports athletes. It is a key component of both competitive and hobby eSports success because it promotes concentration and reaction time.


Increasing trend in the Pro Gamers

In order to become a professional gamer, players are increasingly looking to improve their fitness skills as well as their gaming skills. There are many players who enjoy the traditional tools of sports professionals like exercise regimes and diet plans, with World Championships in League of Legends in full swing in South Korea, where tiny margins of performance determine who advances or who goes out. Professional gamers are following the fitness regimen of sports stars due to the tough and competitive nature of eSports.

Fitness gaming works and is beneficial to physical fitness for everyone, according to the American Council on Exercise. The fitness gaming craze is taking the world by storm, and the results are astounding.


A Study on Training and Physical Exercise in Elite E-Sports

This may be the first peer-reviewed study to evaluate elite athletes' training routines, especially their exercise regimens. Based on a sample of 115 elite e-athletes, the study was conducted. Approximately 5.28 hours are spent training every day by elite e-athletes in the course of the year, according to their responses. Physical exercise accounts for 1.08 hours of that training. Five hundred and sixty six percent (55.6%) of elite e-athletes believe that physical exercise has a positive impact on esport performances; however, forty-seven percent (47.0%) do physical exercise in order to maintain overall health. According to the study, elite e-athletes are also active athletes, exercising at least three times more than what the World Health Organization recommends for 21 minutes of physical activity per day.



Simon Currey

Simon is the leading expert when it comes to fitness in esports. He coached several esport teams in the area of healthy nutrition and fitness



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