Made for Gamers 

Home workouts only designed for gamers. No equipment and prior experience needed. Improve your focus ingame, get rid of back pain and many more!


No equipment and prior experience needed

We made a totally equipment-free plan together with our experts. The plan is newbie friendly and everything is explained for noobs.


Get in shape without 

leaving your house

If you are a serious gamer none of this will be surprising to you. It takes a lot of energy to stay locked in for hours at a time. Decisions need to be made about where to go and what strategy is best, and it can be taxing on your brain.

If you are looking to level up your game you need to get in better shape. When you exercise regularly, your body becomes more capable of efficiently and effectively using its resources. This allows you to feel more energetic, even late into the night.

LET'S crush it

What you'll get

You will get a training plan, that will help you with following things:

1. Nutrition
As nutrition plays a huge role into getting in shape and body well-beeing, we couldn't left out that part. We focused on a very basic aproach, so you don't have to be the new nutrionist. If you don't plan to change your current nutrition just left the part out. If you want to get more results especially with your body, then this part of our guide will help you to reach the maximum with the minimum of effort.
2. Stretches
Before you start your first workout it is essential to do a short warm up routine. It is super simple and you reduce the risk of getting injured. Although it is very unlikely you get injured by doing our workout, you better stay safe ;)
3. Quick & Easy Workout
Our goal was to create the simplest yet most effective work out plan. In this section of our guide you will get the first workout you can do between your games. This workout is a full–body workout and is super easy to execute. If you do this workout regulary you will see changes within a month. Many of our buyers are staying at this workout since it's the most fun and the easiest to execute.
4. Full Body Training
This is the alternative to the first workout, and we packed another full body workout since we came to the conclusion that a full body workout works the best especially at the beginning. Our fitness trainers and experts did a really good job on finding other exercises, that you can do between your games. This workout should you take only 15 minutes.
5. Upper & Lower Body
These workouts are especially interesting for you if you know where your problem zones are and are planning to get in shape more effective. In our guide we will explain which exercise you can do and in which case it suits you the best. Just try them out and you will see the results very quickly!
6. Tendinitis Prevention
By doing our exercises, you are preventing tendinitis.
15 Minutes a day

only 15 minutes a day

can change your life

You don’t have to invest half of your life into your fitness game. Just take short gaming breaks and do a short 15 minute work out everyday and you will recognize change

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